Friday, November 25, 2011

Kuna school district committee will tackle the matter of the future of schools

The Kuna school district is looking for “outside-the-box thinkers” for a committee on the school district’s future amid diminished resources.
The school district wrapped up a series of meetings with the public, which the district estimates about 100 parents attended. The district has received about 90 responses from its online survey.
The next step is to seat a committee that will look at the survey data and begin exploring various options being suggested.
The survey consists of three questions:
• “What are some things you value most about Kuna’s schools?”
• “What are your concerns about the education of your child or a child you know who attends the Kuna School District?”
• “If you left the Kuna School District and returned in 10 years to find that the Kuna School District is a leading edge educational system, what new things would you see?”
Superintendent Jay Hummel said he would like to have a committee in place sometime this month. In addition to patrons, he said the committee should have school board members, business leaders, administrators and possibly city officials, as well.

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