Monday, November 21, 2011

Are you interested in serving on the Kuna Planning & Zoning Commission?

The city of Kuna is seeking applications from those who are interested in serving on the city of Kuna’s Planning and Zoning Commission for a three-year time period.
It is anticipated there will be three open positions on the five-member board at the beginning of the year. This position is volunteer, and the board meets generally once or twice a month, depending on building and development activity.
Those interested in this position should have some familiarity with local government, and knowledge of land use planning would be a plus. Those interested in this position must have resided in the city of Kuna or Ada County for at least two years prior to their appointment and must remain a resident of the city or the county during their service on the commission.
If you are interested in this public service role, please submit a letter of interest to Maranda Obray, Kuna City Hall, 763 W. Avalon St., Kuna, ID 83634.
If you have any questions about this position, call the Kuna planning department at 922-5274.
How about you City Council candidates who didn't win a seat? I hear Dan Johnson has already expressed interest.


slfisher said...

Three open positions? who's leaving?

Scott McIntosh said...

Stan Sanders left earlier this year. Carl Trautman announced he will be leaving at the beginning of the year. Corinna Stiles has a new job in Washington, D.C., so she's leaving at the end of the year. That leaves Stephanie Wierschem and Curt James.