Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Kuna City Council expected to have a lot on its plate tonight

Kuna City Council members are taking up the issue of rental fees at city parks and the senior center.
The city is putting all rental fees into one resolution in order to centrally locate the fees in one place that can be referred to in other ordinances and resolutions. One of the reasons for doing that is efficiency. If the city decides to change the fees at some point, it can be done in one single resolution, rather than making changes in several places all over city code.
In the process of doing that, though, council members discussed the possibility of reducing fees.
The resolution was presented to council members on Oct. 18 and is expected to come before them again next week at their meeting on Nov. 1.
Council member Rich Cardoza said he would prefer to see one flat fee at the city park, rather than a graduated system based on the number of people.

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