Saturday, July 30, 2011

Will Kuna lose the Birds of Prey Festival?

Organizers of the annual Snake River Birds of Prey Festival are considering moving the festival out of Kuna and to Celebration Park, south of Melba.
The festival has been held for the past three years at Reed Elementary School in Kuna.
Kuna is considered the Gateway to the Birds of Prey National Conservation Area, just south of Kuna and home to the largest concentration of nesting raptors in North America.
Celebration Park would offer a perhaps more authentic setting for the festival, along the Snake River in the Snake River Canyon just on the western edge of the National Conservation Area.
Some organizers have suggested that if the festival is intended to be celebrate the Birds of Prey National Conservation Area, it should be out in the canyon, not in Boise and not in a school in Kuna.
Organizers point out that Celebration Park has room for parking, room to put booths and a space that could be used for lectures.
The Birds of Prey Festival is sponsored by the Western Heritage Historic Byway, based in Kuna, and includes several other organizations, including the federal Bureau of Land Management (which manages the conservation area), Idaho Fish & Game, Idaho Falconers Association, The Audubon Society, the Kuna Chamber of Commerce along with several local and regional businesses.
The festival includes tours, lectures, displays, children’s activities and live raptor demonstrations.

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