Friday, April 20, 2012

Kuna Grange gets back in its building this week

April 2012 has been declared Grange Month, and the Kuna Grange is inviting community members to learn more about our purpose, our programs and activities and help us recognize the Kuna Police and Fire Departments, a Kuna schoolteacher, a Community Citizen and Granger of the Year for their contribution to our community this past year.
Our open house and award ceremony will take place at 7 p.m. on April 20, at Kuna Grange, 189 S. Linder Road. All members of the community are invited. Refreshments will be served.
“For 146 years, the Grange has worked to advance the interest of rural Americans by providing a legislative voice for their political concerns and by showing them how to strengthen their neighborhoods through community service,” Kuna Grange President Don Johnson said. “During Grange Month, we want our community to know that the Grange is a living organization that has a lot to offer it.”
The Grange not only provides fun-filled and educational programs and activities for its members, it also provides them with a forum to voice their political concerns and teaches them how to strengthen their community through legislative action. The Grange is a nonpartisan organization.
In addition, the Grange gives its members the opportunity to serve their neighborhoods through community service projects that make a difference in the lives of everyone.
“Our communities are constantly changing and each of us contributes to that change in some way,” Johnson said. “Each and every person should ask themselves, ‘What changes would I like to see in my community?’ Everyone should want to make a difference in their community, and at the Grange, you can discover how to make that difference.”
To find out more about our open house and award ceremony, please contact Don or Mary Johnson at 888-3070 or e-mail at
Then, on Saturday, the public is invited to come to Kuna Grange at 7:30 p.m., Saturday, April 21, for Game Night. This will be the first game night in the Kuna Grange hall, 189 S. Linder Road, since the building was damaged on Thanksgiving evening.
Games will be pinochle and chicken foot. Refreshments will be served. Bring your friends and come for an evening of fun.

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