Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A couple of interesting tidbits from last month's Kuna City Council meeting

• the number of non-residential connections accounts for 2.5 percent of total connections but accounts for 10 percent of demand, Law noted.
• the number of people per household in Kuna in 1997 was 2.86. The number of people per household in Kuna today is 3.18, Law said.
• it costs $15,000 in city fees to build a house, according to Nelson, who said that was on the high end. Nelson reported that contractors are telling him the cost in Kuna is too high. To that, Law replied, “I’ve never been in a place where developers said the fees are too low.”
• the city looked at the EDU table in La Pine, Ore., where former Kuna planning director Steve Hasson went to become city manager. It was Hasson, recall, who sent letters to Kuna Mayor Greg Nelson saying the Creekside owed $36,600 for 10 additional EDU’s in Kuna. La Pine’s EDU assessment right now for a restaurant? One.
• when discussing making sure that sewer rates were adequate to fund maintenance and operations as well as future growth, council member Doug Hoiland pointed out, “we wouldn’t be in this LID mess if we had prepared for growth.”

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