Monday, December 19, 2011

Sidewalk will be torn up along East Avalon Street in Kuna

The city of Kuna will pay an estimated $8,000 to rip up and replace the sidewalk on East Avalon Street from Kay Street to the Kuna Lube ’N Go to make way for a new pressurized irrigation line.
The line will extend to the east side of the property being developed for the purpose of a new AutoZone store. Kuna City Council members earlier this year approved a $60,000 capital improvement project to extend the pressurized irrigation line as part of the budgeting process.
The line was a point of contention, as City Council member Rich Cardoza argued that the developers should be responsible for putting in the irrigation line to their property. But Mayor Scott Dowdy argued that the irrigation line should have been put in long before, when other businesses along Avalon Street were being developed. The developers of the AutoZone property would be unfairly burdened, he argued, by a mistake the city had made earlier.
City engineer Gordon Law said he explored several options to avoid ripping up the sidewalk but couldn’t come up with a viable solution. The most efficient and least expensive option was tearing up and replacing the sidewalk.
Law said he has contacted the merchants along that stretch.

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