Friday, December 2, 2011

Kuna school district comes up with a tentative technology plan

The Kuna school district has come up with a technology plan that aims to fulfill the state’s requirement under the Students Come First education reform legislation.
A district technology committee has come up with a standardized “technology package” for every classroom in the school district that includes a mounted projector, a control panel on the wall and audio and video cards.
The projector is the main device that allows teachers to use all other devices and technology, according to Ashleigh Jensen, a fourth-grade teacher and committee member who presented the plan to school board members in November.
Idaho school districts are required to submit their technology plans to the state by Jan. 6. The state is expected to spend $80 million statewide on technology upgrades in 2012 through 2015, according to Bret Atkins, the district’s technical support manager, who also presented to the school board in November.
The Kuna school district can expect to receive an estimated $445,000 of that total, Atkins said.
That should be enough to cover the expense of equipping every classroom with the classroom technology package.

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