Sunday, February 6, 2011

This week's history page in the Kuna Melba News shows a familiar sight: The Kuna Post Office

Did you see this week's history page in the Kuna Melba News?
This week's "A Look Back...." takes us to February 1961, when the brand new Kuna post office was getting ready to open to the public.
Here's what the Kuna Herald wrote about it at the time: "Workmen are installing the glass in the Post Office building which will practically complete work on that building. Fixtures are on hand but installation will wait on instructions from the Post Office department. The doorstep and walks around the building have yet to be constructed. Mud caused by rains this week has made it difficult for workmen to get in and out of the building."
As it turns out, local resident and Kuna history buff Chuck Crowe brought in a postcard he had dug up from 1961. It's a postcard invitation to the opening of the post office.
The sad thing is that it's the exact same building the post office is in today. Even though back in 1961 Kuna had maybe 500 residents. Today, we have 15,000 residents.

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