Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Looks like plan to move Kuna city hall is dead for at least the coming year

It looks like the city of Kuna’s plan to move into a new city hall is dead for at least the coming year.
In going over budget numbers Tuesday night, City Council President Lisa Bachman questioned city treasurer John Marsh about not seeing increased rent or the cost of tenant improvements associated with a new city hall. Marsh said he hadn’t plugged those numbers into the working budget. Kuna Mayor Scott Dowdy then said that the city couldn’t move to a new city hall this year anyway.
And city planning director Steve Hasson said that it will probably staff’s recommendation to stay in the current city hall at least for another year.
For the past few months, city officials have been working on a plan to move city hall to a new location across town in a recently constructed building in the Lava Falls commercial complex next to the forthcoming Walgreens.
But the city is going to have to make a decision on its current lease by the end of this month, hardly enough time to make a decision and execute a major move to a new city hall. I suspect the issue will come up again. I just hope the city doesn’t put it on the back burner until it’s too late to thoroughly discuss it with the public. If the city wants to do it, start working on a plan now, not next summer.

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