Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Ray's in the dog house with the city of Kuna

Ray’s Dog House, on Main Street in downtown Kuna, makes a great hot dog. I’ve also had the pleasure of enjoying their chorizo and their Philly cheesesteak on more than one occasion. Perfect grill marks, onions and peppers grilled to perfection. French fries were an excellent addition to the menu earlier this year.
Unfortunately, it seems that Ray’s Dog House is itself in the dog house with the city of Kuna.
In just the past couple of months, Dog House owner, Ray Carrel, has been kept running from violation to violation issued by the city’s building inspector. Complaints against the Dog House include everything from grease disposal to the width of the gate to the steps into the building to a hood over the grill and fryer operations and apparent issues with the cooler.
My hope is that the city will work with Ray and give him time to address their complaints. And I hope Ray will get done the things he needs to get done so that he can stay open and continue to grow his business. Then on July 15, 2010, the day his temporary business permit expires, that seems like the more proper day to determine the future of Ray’s Dog House in Kuna.

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Christine said...

Ray is also in the dog house with his former landscape customers. If he has the money to run a business, why can't he pay a $826 judment for a botched landscaping job against him in small claims court? Not sure what he owes others for the other 9 cases he lost in small claims court (ID State Repository) for his Rocks of Ages landscape company, but he is definitely NOT a very good example to set as a business owner in the city of Kuna!