Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Bravo to Ted Mason for Kuna Family Movie Night

In case you missed the first free Kuna Family Movie Night in the Park last Friday, it was one heck of a great community event. About 450 people showed up for the event in the Kuna city park. There was live music from the Dan Sevy Band, and the movie started around 9:30, just as the sun was setting and the temperatures fell to tolerable levels.
All around, it was a great family atmosphere. People were hanging out on the lawn, spread out on picnic blankets and lawn chairs, visiting with their neighbors and families, children darting around, teens milling about. Food vendors were doing a brisk business, from what I could tell, but people also brought their own popcorn and drinks to enjoy during the movie. The event was completely 100 percent free to attendees — a great thing considering these difficult economic times. I know some folks have fallen on tough times, and it’s a great thing to be able to provide a fun family event like this at completely no cost to those in attendance. No hat was passed around, no one was asked to make a donation.
But as we all know, nothing comes for free. Friday’s inaugural Kuna Family Movie Night in the Park was hosted by Ted Mason Signature Homes.
He’s excited to be building a community in Kuna, and he’s excited to be a part of the Kuna community.
While many have talked about starting a movie night in Kuna, Ted actually went ahead and did it. He said there’s a movie night in Boise and in other Treasure Valley cities, so why not Kuna?
Turns out that the cost of putting on a movie night was perhaps a little more expensive than expected. I’m happy to report that many Kuna businesses have stepped up and helped defray some of the costs of the movie night.
Among the Kuna business sponsors: the Kuna Melba News, Freedom Fitness, the Kuna Farmers Market, Kids Independent Day School, Kuna Dental, El Gallo Giro, J&M Sanitation, Leffler’s Uptown Bistro and Treasure Valley Gift Shoppe.
Even with these business sponsors, Ted Mason is still spending a good amount of money out of his own pocket to make the movie night happen. What I’d like to see and what I urge every business in Kuna to do is to put up some money toward sponsoring the Movie Night.
Perhaps some day, the city of Kuna will provide amenities like Movie Night, but until then, let’s show everyone that the Kuna business community can step up and provide a terrific family event.
You don’t have to be a big spender. If enough businesses give just $25 or $50 or even $100, the whole event can get paid for.
The next movie night is Saturday, Aug. 15, with Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory (the 1971 version with Gene Wilder). After that is Friday, Sept. 11. If you’re a local business and you think you can swing $25 or $50 next month and September, call Barbara Johncox at 407-0759 to become a sponsor.

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