Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Here's the problem with politicians

I just got a press release "guest opinion" from U.S. Rep. Mike Simpson. He's talking about procuring federal earmarks for Idaho, including money for the Idaho National Laboratory, a highway in Custer County, etc.
With great moral authority, he announces these projects and states he doesn't want to hide them away from the public, rather let the public see what he's fighting for and decide for themselves whether this is bad federal spending or a great way to help Idaho.
He concludes: “In the end, I can either seek these projects for Idaho or allow the funding to go to some other state. I would rather see that funding end up in Idaho – but I would prefer it be directed to projects that merit taxpayer investment.”
This is the problem with politicians in Washington, and the very reason we can't quit our addiction to earmarks. Of course, no one in Idaho is going to say, "Oh, Rep. Simpson, please don't request this funding, let money go to Massachusetts or Wyoming."
Problem is, a bunch of politicians from Wyoming and Massachusetts and every other state are preparing their own press releases and "guest opinions" rallying their troops for support. "Oh, Rep. (fill in politician's name here), please don't let our federal dollars go to Idaho for a highway in Custer County, send that money to (your state or congressional district goes here)."
Rep. Simpson: Please do what's right for the country and stop this wasteful spending altogether. Stop it in Idaho, stop it in Massachusetts, stop it in Wyoming. Just stop it. Let us keep all that money and maybe we'd actually be able to fund some of these projects ourselves — and at a much lower cost.

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