Monday, March 29, 2010

Kuna Easter Egg Hunt is happening this Saturday

Every year around this time, I get inundated with phone calls from people wanting to know when the Kuna Easter Egg Hunt is. Clearly, these people aren't reading the Kuna Melba News, yet they call the Kuna Melba News to find out when the event is. Perhaps I should make callers listen to an ad for El Gallo Giro or Freedom Fitness.
This year, I'm crying uncle. I'm posting the information on our web site and on this blog in the hopes that readers will realize how much information there is in the Kuna Melba News every week. I am also using it as a plea to those folks who don't currently subscribe: You know the information is in the paper, just subscribe. I guarantee that you're going to find something of interest to you more than just once a year when you want to find out when the Easter Egg Hunt is. How about the open house for BMX season in Kuna? When does baseball season start? Is your son or daughter student of the week?
And it's just 28 bucks a YEAR. The whole year. 28 dollars. People spend more than that on one month of cable.
All right, so now that I've made you listen to my ad, here's the info:
The annual Kuna Easter Egg Hunt is happening this Saturday.
Hundreds if not thousands of local residents are expected to gather at 10 a.m., this Saturday, April 3, at the Kuna High School football field to gather thousands of eggs containing hundreds of treats and prizes.

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