Friday, February 13, 2009

Kuna mayor says he'll give a state of the city address

At the last City Council meeting, council member Trina Stroebel asked Kuna Mayor Scott Dowdy if he was going to give a state of the city address, just like other area mayors. Dowdy gave a state of the city address back when he was interim mayor and he was running for mayor, but he hasn't given one since. Reluctantly, Dowdy said he would do a state of the city address. Council president Jeff Lang encouraged him to give one, especially considering all of the city budget cuts and the news about the LID. City attorney Randy Grove had the best line of the night: "Your theme for it could be 'At least we're not California.'" Details not hammered down yet, but we'll let you know in the Kuna Melba News when we find out.

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